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Our ancestral Mother started the Green Belt movement to sace these forests. STOP the government from lifting the ban
on deforestation! Sign this petition on! Let's stand for this cause. #handsoffourforests… via @Greenpeaceafric

H.E. Ambassador @Cfuentesjulio 🇨🇱, H.E. Patricia Hermanns 🇧🇸 and @gayethripillay, Head of CTI, briefed today the Ambassadors and representatives of #CARICOM in Geneva on the benefits of #UNCAT ratification and implementation.

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« La première violence, la plus fondamentale est liée à l'exclusion de facto des systèmes de décision dont sont historiquement victimes les femmes ».

Nicole Ameline, membre du Comité pour l’élimination de la discrimination à l’égard des femmes (#CEDAW), à la #HRC53

"Las mujeres indígenas enfrentamos una violencia estructural, una discriminación permanente, un racismo institucional, gubernamental que impide nuestra participación activa en la vida pública y política."

@SDCrisOficial de la @CN_MujeresI en el Consejo de DDHH de @ONU_es


"Marginalised women who successfully advocate for the rights of their communities are seen as threats to the existing power structures & hierarchies, especially if they are elected into public or political office," Yvonne Apiyo told the @UN Human Rights Council.


"Gender equality is not a matter of isolated gains for women alone, it is a collective pursuit that benefits entire societies."

At #HRC53, @UNHumanRights chief @volker_turk calls for concrete actions to tackle #genderbasedviolence against women & girls in public & political life

"We conducted a study on 16 parliaments in the Middle East & North Africa & 185 women. We found that 80% of them have experienced violence in the parliamentary, political & electoral fields."

Houda Slim, president of Ra'edat network, at the @UN Human Rights Council.


#GenderEquality is a collective win for societies.

When women and girls can participate in public life, we unlock a wealth of wisdom for our shared challenges.

Our goal must be a world where every women and girl is free to rise, thrive and shape history.